• Discover Taoist and biomimetic leadership

    We live in a world of profound upheaval where technological, societal and economic changes are accelerating. This acceleration requires leaders and managers to innovate in order to stay in the race and to invite meaning, the long term, spiritual intelligence and the whole living world into the action, in order to converge towards what the Taoists have been practicing for more than 2,000 years: Harmony.

  • Find the reason for your organization's existence

    To motivate your teams and contribute to a more harmonious world

    Through the Envision method (12 steps)

    Optimize your marketing policy and the management of your projects

    Find new ideas, optimize your marketing mix, manage your projects

    By the model of the 18 Taoist principles (P18)

    Conduct a Taoist audit of your organization

    To gain efficiency and know what you could improve in your organization, your culture, your marketing policy etc.

    Based on the 5 energies model (M5E)

    Improve the Quality of Life at Work (QWL)

    Through the QVTao model

    Through the practice of traditional Qi Gong in companies

    Carry out a personalized Taoist and biomimetic coaching

    From the 5 Taoist energies model (M5E)

    Using the happiness equation and the ego path (EgoTao)

    By practicing some traditional Qi Gong exercises

    Identify managerial and governance practices that work

    Based on the efficient and harmonious model of nature

    (Bio-management, bio-benchmarking)

    Strengthen the effectiveness of your communication

    Drawing on the teachings of nature

  • "The moral person experiences the same energetic disorders as the physical person. Its social body feels the same energy stagnations and suffers from the same organic imbalances".

    The Tao-entreprise


    « When choosing a new leader, do not offer to help him or her with your wealth or expertise. Instead, offer to teach him or her about the Tao ».

    Lao Tseu (Tao Te King, 62)

    « The main thing is not to be immensely rich but to become richly immense.»

    Marc Halévy (Lecture du Tao)

    "Man is this triangle which allows to pass from the principles of the square
    to the logic of the circle

    La Tao-entreprise



    "We are going faster and faster to nowhere."

    Jacques ELLUL (Sociologue)

    "Change the world by changing those who make it.
    Change those who do it by changing what they are based on

    La Tao-entreprise

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