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    Below are the articles (and typed escapes) that extend the inspirations and works detailed in the books. The 6 books published so far are presented at the bottom of the page. Have a good reading.

  • The works of Laurent CHATEAU (in french)

    At the crossroads of my experience, my readings and especially my inspirations, I compile the tools of the Taoist Leader in the published works. Many online articles complement these publications. They are available above.

    Manuel pratique du Leader taoïste : 81 conseils et outils pour gouverner sa vie, ses équipes, son organisation

    Éditions Management & Société, avril 2021

    aurent CHATEAU has compiled in these 81 Taoist tips and tools, the essence of his thinking and his tools. Adapted in the form to the decision-makers in a hurry and to the "impactors of the world", he takes up the essential without betraying the substance.

    Favoring the concrete and the operational rather than the theoretical and the detailed, this synthetic work wishes to be useful to economic, political, sports and associative decision-makers... whether they call themselves Taoist leaders or leaders of the 3rd millennium.

    Taoist Leaders are those men and women who are the leaders that our times, our species, our world and our crises need. Educated in particular by the shock of the health crisis of 2020, climate disruption and the decline of the living world, they are those who are in search of consciousness, meaning, harmony and efficiency for themselves, for others, for the organization for which they are responsible, as well as for the whole planet and the living world. An initiatory book.

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    HR Today's Editor-in-Chief talks about the book: : Here

    Coaching taoïste des dirigeants du IIIe millénaire

    Éditions Management & Société, 2019

    Written in the form of 18 pedagogical and operational modules, the Taoist Coaching for the Leaders of the Third Millennium is a response to the challenges of our time. Using new tools at the crossroads of economics, philosophy and personal development, it addresses issues as diverse as the meaning of life, the relationship with time, happiness at work, the role of the body in the alchemy of life, the dream and vocation of the companies of the future, the threats and opportunities of the societies to come, etc.

    This book seeks to save time for the leaders of the third millennium, to help them discover their true nature and mission, but also to forge the best of our humanity; in the service of better individual and collective performance, no doubt, but above all, of a consciousness that is superior.

    Drawing on the multi-millennial and initiatory teachings of Taoism and Nature, this book is a new way of performance but also of awakening and spirituality for the three worlds of the leader, the organization and the planet.


    Mon ego, ce héros

    Éditions DANGLES, 2015

    This book is a reconciliation. It invites us to pacify our relationship with the ego, this unloved one that we commonly call "egoist", dominator, petty, greedy for wealth and power, the one against which we must constantly fight to appease its ardor. But isn't it too simplistic and absurd to reject what is us, what is "I"?

    With its sometimes impertinent tone, halfway between the East and the West, "My EGO, this hero" seeks to reconcile us with this part of ourselves. The author gives us a more positive and complete definition. He gives us the necessary keys to make it an ally, a guide and a support, a tool for personal and spiritual development, a path of life.

    The ego can be the hero of the story. It can help us find the meaning and the way to happiness, to answer the urgent call to change our world, inside and outside, individual and collective.



    La tao-entreprise : performance globale et harmonie

    Éditions Deboeck, 2014

    What if we could heal the company (drop in sales, drop in quality, conflict...) like a human body, using traditional Chinese medicine (TCM for companies)? What if we could motivate employees by adhering to a superior and unifying project? What if we could manage through harmony, and through an additional sense of meaning and utility? What if we could improve the global performance (innovation, collaboration, openness to change, productivity...) and the sustainability of companies, through the teachings of Taoist wisdom and nature (Corporate Taoism)? What if the new Western business models prefigured the "Tao-company" of tomorrow? What if companies took their "share of the world" to work towards a better society? These are some of the questions that "Tao-Enterprise" answers with the help of examples and concrete cases. Innovative and caustic, it reshuffles the cards of what was taken for granted, by tackling new concepts in the sociology of organizations, by providing decision-makers and managers with new and operational tools or concepts such as Business-sense, the Tao-Project Pyramid, Smart-Tao, Tao-governance, Tao-organization, Tao-management, the POOC model, synergetics, "harmonance", "ecolistics", the Tao-business grid, etc. Breathless and without a compass, our competitive and globalized economies need new points of reference, our companies need new performance levers, and our employees need new reasons to motivate themselves. The "Tao enterprise" proposes to help them find these new keys, to open up new paths based on the benevolent and successful nature that lies dormant in each person and in each decision-maker.

    Le Qi Gong dans l'entreprise : 81 fiches techniques

    Éditions Chariot d'Or, 2013

    Qi Gong has always rhymed with efficiency and performance. Flexible and malleable, it has always adapted to the needs of its time. Benefiting from several millennia of experience, this "energetic gymnastics" combining body movements, breathing and mind is today likely to become a management tool for companies and a guide to well-being and daily stress management for employees. While the first volume of "Qi Gong in the Workplace" is aimed more at decision-makers, HRDs, managers, Qi Gong teachers and personal development consultants, this second volume is aimed more specifically at all those who wish to learn or deepen the benefits of Qi Gong in their workplace. Starting from the experienced symptom, it includes 81 technical cards classified by type of physical, psychic or emotional symptom that is very frequently encountered in the professional world. These "self-supporting" and pedagogical techniques can for the most part be practiced in the workplace or on the road, alone or in a group, between two appointments or in a meeting, during lunch break or even before going home to recharge. In its search for the middle way, "Qi Gong in the workplace: applied exercises" openly seeks to contribute to the harmony of the world

    Le Qi Gong dans l'entreprise : théorie et pratique

    Éditions Chariot d'Or, 2012


    The result of the author's practice and testimonies in companies, this book, which is new in the world of business and Qi Gong, is intended for all employees, managers, HRDs, decision-makers and company directors, associations or communities, personal development consultants or energy arts professionals wishing to invest in the market of well-being at work.

    Presented in the form of questions and answers, combining theory and practice, the techniques presented can for the most part be practiced at work or on the move, between two appointments or in a meeting, during the lunch break or before going home to recharge.

    Some of the techniques are also classified according to the profession you practice.

    Qi Gong in the company will have reached its goal if it allows to better reconcile tradition and modernity, employee and company, human and economy and finally performance and harmony.