• The Taoist leadership conferences

    We adapt to your needs (format, participants, places, experiences, deepening...)

    Some examples of possible conferences (or workshops)

    To be adapted to your needs and expectations

    • How can leaders change the world?
    • How do you survive in a VUCA world?
    • What would nature do if it were your CEO?
    • How to heal the company like a human body through Taoist medicine?
    • How to apply the Taoist 5 elements model to the corporate world?
    • How to improve the Quality of Life at Work through Taoist wisdom?
    • How to improve project management and Marketing-MIX through the 18 Taoist principles?
    • What is performance for the leader of the future?
    • How can the practice of Qi Gong strengthen the harmony and performance of organizations?
    • How to find the raison d'être of the organization, its "Envision"?
    • How to try to think like a Chinese leader?
    • Why is the ego a chic type?
    • What is the Taoist happiness equation and how to solve it?
    • How to become benevolent?
    • How can Lao Tzu help you communicate better?
    • And yours....
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