• Improve the quality of life and well-being at work

    A committed employee is a guarantee of increased performance. Every euro invested in prevention and safety or well-being at work generates 13 in return (European Health Agency). The physical and mental health of employees is a legal obligation for the employer and one of the reasons for conscious leadership.

    Targets and Deliverables

    Management teams

    all employees

    Unfold the QWLao model allowing to realize the QWL diagnosis of the organization and to identify the priority actions

    Practice traditional Taoist Qi Gong

    on site


    1 day of preparation and sharing beforehand

    1 day of deployment of the QVTao model

    Traditional Qi Gong sessions if needed


    Upstream validation of the methodological roadmap

    Facilitation of the QWLao model workshops (diagnosis of the organization's QWL situation, identification of the priority lines of action to be taken)

    Support (if needed) in the implementation of priority actions