• My motivations

    Contributing to the return of balance to the world by those who do it

    It is up to each of us to know and play our own part, to "follow our own nature" in order to work for the harmony of ourselves, of others and of the world

    The world is going badly. Crises are everywhere (sanitary, environmental, social, political, moral and institutional, religious, economic, technical...). The living world is in retreat and our species is questioning itself: on its durability, on its role in the installation of the ambient chaos and especially, on the sustainable SOLUTIONS that it could bring to install a new balance, what the Taoists call: Harmony.

    In the noisy and deadly world that surrounds us, as a good Taoist and "restorer of balance", I thought it necessary to take my place in the concert of this noisy, brutal, wasteful and underperforming world, by creating the "Taoist Leadership" approach.


    Working on the consciousness of leaders to install harmony

    At the service of leaders, organizations but also of all the "silent stakeholders" (fauna, flora, future generations, beauty of the world...), each of the books and articles published, the leadership tools, the missions and Qi Gong workshops that I organize, in their own way, seek to bring us a little closer to the Taoist intention of a more harmonious world. It is a question today of rediscovering the principles that nature teaches to those who know how to see them: the sense of beauty, truth, freedom, interdependence, impermanence, simplicity, spontaneity, dynamic bipolarity, detachment, goodness and joy, etc. I call the consequence of all this "harmonance", a subtle blend of harmony and overall effortless performance ("non-action").

    The peaceful and dynamic marriage of Yin and Yang, of East and West, of performance and harmony, of business and wisdom, of man and the living world, of the horizontal and the vertical, is the object of my commitment.

    I would be happy to be able to associate you with it in order to take the people of mankind together to their next stage of evolution.

    Since "style is man" said Buffon, you can consult here some of the articles that I put on line, which complete the published works and which will give you some ideas of the convictions which animate me and carry me.

  • My profile, my background

    Even if the important thing is what can never be written...

    Professional background:

    Holder of a Master's degree in Economics (+ communication at Berkeley), a DESS in Marketing and a DEA in Business Decision Support (Paris IX Dauphine), in the working world for nearly 30 years, I have been a member of management teams for nearly 25 years (sales, marketing, communication, project management...) within large companies (EDF, Enedis, Tisséo - the equivalent at its scale of the RATP for the city of Toulouse). I was for several years responsible for the Quality of Life at Work and CSR. You can find my detailed career path on LinkedIn.

    The energetic and martial path :

    I have actively practiced for 12 years the Sino-Vietnamese martial arts (1st Dang FFKDA) in different schools of Viet Vo Dao (Thanh Long, Minh Long Vo Co Truyen, Qwan Khi Dao) before specializing in teaching traditional Taoist Qi Gong in the Toulouse region. I have been for 16 years an active member of the Taoist School "Tam Tao Mon Phaï" (the school of the 3 forces) (the school of the 3 forces), based in Revel and founded by Michel Bremont (filiation of Me Nguyen Dan Phu). Graduated in 2011 from the Professional Union of Qi Gong and Energy Arts Teachers (FEQGAE) and a CQP in body expression, I seek through many channels, to introduce traditional Qi Gong (Long Men Paï/Quan Zhen, Shaolin...), alchemy and Taoist wisdom in the world of work. Today I supervise some teachers who wish to embark on the adventure of transmission.

    With other motivated teachers, I have been for several years the voluntary co-organizer of the Qi Gong Day in Toulouse which takes place every year in June.

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