• The 3 accompaniments of Taoist leadership for your organization

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    training courses, seminars, conferences and workshops.

    Find the Taoist Purpose of your organization and become an "Envisioner"

    What is Envision©? Definition, contextualization. Why is it essential for performance today? The benefits of Envision© (for oneself, others, the world). A few examples of "envisioning" companies: how to find your Envision©, implementation in 12 steps. The Envision© Serious Game: "Cap'Envision". The Envision© tools: The Envision© diamond, the link between ego and Envision©, the determinism of organizations, the pyramid of world change, the intersection of Envision© with the dreams of leaders, the key factors of success of Envision© and implementation.

    Find the reasons for your organization's dysfunctions

    Using the 5 energies model (M5E) and the Taoist audit, gain in efficiency and identify what you could improve in your organization, your culture, your marketing policy, etc.

    Find the root causes of your dysfunctions (decrease in motivation, sales, accidents, absenteeism, etc.)

    Calculate your Tao-Score to know if you manage like nature

    Optimize your marketing policy and the management of your projects

    Find new ideas, optimize your marketing mix

    Optimize the management of your projects

    From the model of the 18 Taoist principles (P18)

  • The 3 accompaniments of Taoist leadership for your teams

    Identify managerial and governance practices that work

    • Why take nature as a model for performance and harmony?

    • Presentation of the 42 lessons of nature in governance, organization and management

    • Detailed analysis of the 130-question Bio-audit© questionnaire

    • Quantitative (scorecards) and qualitative analysis of the results. Comparative mapping against Nature

    • The key success factors of Bio-benchmarking©, the "Bio-Management" game

    Install Quality of Life at Work (QWL) in your organization through Taoist wisdom

    • Presentation of the Harmonance concept and

    • Presentation of the QVTao© model and the 27 action variables - Qualitative and quantitative evaluation (Calculation and analysis of Scores)

    • Presentation of the methodology and key success factors

    • Implementation

    Improve the performance and well-being of your organization through Taoist Qi Gong

    • What is traditional Qi Gong (definition, history...)?

    • What are the benefits of Qi Gong for employees?

    • What are the benefits for the company?

    • How to practice Qi Gong in the company (rituals and rhythms), adapting the practice according to one's job or skills?

    • Practice and implementation

  • The 3 accompaniments of Taoist leadership for yourself

    Increase the effectiveness of your communication by communicating like nature

    • What is a Taoist?

    • Some useful Taoist principles to know

    • Taoist communication for an organization and a Taoist Leader

    • The Taoist Leader's interpersonal communication

    • The Taoist secrets of successful communication

    • Putting it into practice

    Carry out a personalized Taoist coaching

    • To advance on the meaning of one's personal or professional life. Advance on the knowledge of oneself and one's ego

    • Find solutions to professional difficulties and get feedback

    • Work on the opening of the Heart and benevolence, better manage your emotions, talk about spirituality

    • Learn more about Taoism's advice for a healthy lifestyle.

    • Practice personalized exercises of Qi Gong and Taoist alchemy


    Retreat: Participate in a Tao Initiation Weekend (WIT)

    • Choice of Taoist conferences and workshops
      Learn more about Taoist concepts (Circle, unity, Yin/Yang, nature, non-action, harmony, 3 worlds, 5 energies etc.) and Taoist leadership (harmonance, envisioning, 18 principles model...)
    • Learning through the body and intuition
      Personal development tools of the EgoTAO© (happiness, ego, meaning of life...), co-development, knowing oneself, managing one's emotions, the meaning of life, developing one's intuition, benevolence to oneself and in oneself...
    • Traditional and initiatory Qi Gong, meditation and Taoist alchemy. Co-development, free debates.
    • Free debates between members of the same energy community
  • The other accompaniments of Taoist leadership

    Pacify your ego and advance on the path to happiness through Taoist wisdom

    • What is the ego? The 4 egos,
    • The dynamic path of the ego (EgoTAO©)
    • Presentation of the pyramids of life and their dynamics
    • Presentation of the game: "the empire of meaning
    • The B4 score and the egoSCORE©. The EgoTao© matrix
    • The 4 happinesses
    • The happiness equation and the means to solve it


    The list of conferences is here

    • How can leaders change the world?
    • How do you survive in a VUCA world?
    • What would nature do if it were your CEO?
    • How to heal the company like a human body through Taoist medicine?
    • How to improve the Quality of Life at Work through Taoist wisdom?
    • What is performance for the leader of the future?
    • How to try to think like a Chinese leader?
    • Etc.

    The training and the label of Tao-consultants

    When the quorum is reached, we form independents up to the label of Tao-consultant©.

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