• In a VUCA world that is going "faster and faster to nowhere", the Taoist leader is a man or woman who knows, understands and applies the laws of nature to himself or herself, to others and to the world. He (or she) understands that this is the best way to live longer and healthier, to be happy, useful and collectively successful.

    Reasoning as a species and in the long term, they are inspired by the teachings of nature and Taoist wisdom (circularity, fractality, interdependence, simplicity, spontaneity, joy, freedom, intuition...) to FIND MEANING, to OPEN THEIR CONSCIOUSNESS in order to ESTABLISH HARMONY WITHIN THEMSELVES, WITHIN THEIR ORGANIZATION AND WITH THE WHOLE LIVING WORLD

    Taoist Leaders are the conscious actors that our time and our world need to ensure our sustainability as a species and as a whole, and the sustainable performance of ourselves, our employees and our organizations.


    Article 1 to go further (french) : Qu'est-ce qu'un leader taoïste ?

    Article 2 to go further (french) : Les 9 plans de conscience du leader taoïste

  • Some tools of Taoist leadership

    The tools are adapted for each mission

    and completed with creative techniques (Design Thinking...) or systemic (PALO ALTO model)