• Finding the Taoist Purpose of your organization

    The Raison d'être is to the organization what the dream is to the individual. It allows us to find meaning, to find the utility of the company to humanity and the living world, to learn to reason in the long term, to capture and retain customers and the best talents, to simplify and decide more easily in a VUCA world.

    Targets and Deliverables

    Companies wishing to identify their Raison d'être, their Mission, their "Envision" (the vision that gives desire)


    To arrive at a clear, shared, motivating, unique and if possible measurable formulation

    Finalize a plan of action


    Learn more about the Envision and the Taoist Raison d'être of the organization


    1 day of preparation and sharing beforehand

    1 day of theoretical presentation and workshops

    1 day for sharing and implementing the action plan (optional)


    Upstream validation of the methodological roadmap (bottom-up, top-down...)

    Animation and questioning in 12 steps (described in the book "Coaching taoïste des dirigeants du IIIè millénaire")

    Coaching (if needed) in the implementation of the plan, on internal resistance to change


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